Joe and Terry Graedon of The People’s Pharmacy, a syndicated radio show now airing on over 400 radio stations, interviewed Alan Carlson MD about the recent FDA approval of the TearScience LipiFlow thermal pulsation device designed to treat the most common form of dry eye experienced in the elderly population.  This revolutionary treatment is designed to restore and rejuvenate the tear film and ocular surface to a much healthier, more youthful state by re-establishing a more normal meibomian gland and tear film physiology.  For patients with “evaporative” dry eye, this treatment targets the area most in need of treatment.  It is a terrific advance in the medical profession that finally offers relief and a healthier ocular surface for patients who, until now, have experienced only marginal relief from all other treatment modalities.  The cost to the patient compares favorably relative to other treatment options including the regular use of artificial tears and Restasis.