Dr. Carlson

Chronic uveitis is an inflammatory condition that poses several additional problems for cataract surgery.  There are often structural considerations such as anterior and posterior synechiae scarring the iris to the cornea or the cataractous lens.  The pupil often has an inflammatory membrane (see video) and frequently fails to dilate normally.  It is best to treat these patients prior to surgery and postoperatively with additional steroids to control inflammation.  Alan N. Carlson, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology and Chief of the Corneal and Refractive Surgery Service at the Duke Eye Center, in Durham, NC offers video teaching demonstrating the principles that surround safe and effective surgery that minimizes pupil stretching and postoperative inflammation.  Dr. Carlson works closely with Dr. Glenn Jaffe, Chief of the VitreoRetinal Service of the Duke Eye Center as they both have surgically managed hundreds of patients with uveitis and cataracts.