Dr. Terry Kim, Professor of Ophthalmology at the Duke Eye Center and Chief Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon for the Duke Men’s Basketball Team along with former Duke Basketball superstar Jon Scheyer had the Duke Eye Center Advisory Board on the edge of their seats as Jon talked about his eye injury sustained while working-out with the Miami Heat. Immediately following the injury, Jon’s access to Dr. Kim by phone – and subsequently seeing him after he flew to Jon’s Chicago hospital room – provided a level of reassurance and comfort that was beyond what Jon could fully describe in words. Jon reminded all of us why we pursue careers in medicine and Terry reminded all of us of the level to which we aspire in caring for patients. Dr.Kim has a keen interest in athletic eye care, LASIK surgery, and the prevention and management of sports injuries. He is also a founding member of the Sports Ophthalmic Society and recognized as a key opinion leader among his peers. Dr. Kim can be reached at 919 681 3569 or 919 681 4089.