The Duke Eye Center continues their commitment and support of eye care in Ghana West Africa.  Recognizing that genetics plays a substantial role in developing glaucoma and that this is strikingly prevalent in high concentration within the Ghana West African population, Drs. Leon Herndon, Rand Allingham, David Epstein work diligently to unravel the genetic mystery behind the predisposition of this devastating disease – hoping ultimately to apply this to all populations at risk for glaucoma.  The commitment from the Duke Eye Center has now broadened as a team from Ghana has come to Durham to visit the Duke Eye Center, hoping to emulate several features in their own country in a project that will bring state-of-the-art eye care to a country currently years behind the U.S. in terms of medical and surgical eye care.  Ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Seth Fiadayor says,”we are hoping to bring as much of Duke ideas and technology as we can back to Ghana.”

Enjoying a “brainstorming” session over dinner (from left clockwise) are Duke Cornea Fellow Dr. Victor Chang, Chief Architect (Ghana) Kwame Fiadayor, Duke Cornea Service Chief Dr. Alan Carlson, Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon (Ghana) Dr. Seth Fiadayor, Senior Hospital Administrator (Ghana) Kwasi Anigyei, and Duke Refractive Surgery Fellow Dr. Amina Husain.  We, along with our “out of town” guests from Ghana, enjoyed dinner and a taste of southern cuisine and hospitality at the Weathervane Restaurant / Southern Season in Chapel Hill.