Why Dr. Carlson is considered one of the premier LASIK surgeons in the Country:AlanCarlsonMD.com - duke eye center, eye doctor, and lasik eye surgery raleigh nc

  • Fellowship trained as a subspecialist in Corneal and Refractive Surgery (2 fellowships)
  • Qualified to train and certify LASIK surgeons (one of only 2 in all of North and South Carolina)
  • Chosen by hundreds of doctors (including LASIK surgeons) to perform their surgery.
  • You will meet Dr. Carlson and review your information with him personally whenever an important decision is made, including your initial examination.
  • The “Duke Difference” under Dr. Carlson is individualized personal care.
  • Unsurpassed staff. Least experienced technician has over a decade of experience in LASIK.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and risk factors with a low threshold for recommending against LASIK eye surgery.
  • 15 consecutive years named to best doctors lists.
  • Performed the first televised live LASIK surgery procedure in this region of the country.
  • Serves as reviewer and advisory board of leading publications in his field.
  • Innovator behind several surgical procedures and microsurgical instrumentation.
  • LASIK became mainstream 15 years ago. 40% of Dr. Carlson’s patients are treated with newer procedures considered superior to LASIK.
  • Competitive pricing, interest-free financing, no “bait and switch,” no hidden fees.

Call 919-684-5769 and ask for Barbara or visit the Duke Center for Vision Correction at:

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