A donor made the difference for me

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Published on Friday 8 July 2011 04:14 

A mum whose eyesight was saved in a transplant operation feared she may never have seen her children’s faces properly again.

Claire Talbot, 30, started to have problems with her vision when she was 15 and was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a degenerative disorder which causes the cornea to thin and vision to worsen over time.

But an operation in 2007 to remove her cornea and stitch a donor’s onto her left eye was a success and she is urging others to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register.

The mum-of-three, of Briarwood Way, Wollaston, said: “I had never really seen my son’s face properly – he was one when I had the operation.

“I wanted to be able to see him without having to take a picture on my phone and hold it right up to my eye.

“When I woke up I could feel my vision was better straight away but my eye was a bit bruised and swollen.

“It was lovely to be able to see my son’s face properly for the first time.”

Mrs Talbot had suffered from headaches due to squinting so much, as this was the only way she could see the fuzzy world around her a little more clearly.

She said: “Street lights used to be all blurred when I looked at them but not any more, and the scenery around me is much sharper.

“I’m having my right eye done in October or November and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I want people to know how important it is to become a donor – it can save or transform people’s lives.”