- duke eye center, eye doctor, and lasik eye surgery raleigh ncAlan N. Carlson, MD, has performed over 52,500 surgical procedures, including 18,500 LASIK – Laser vision correction procedures. He is renowned for his surgical contributions, innovation in instrument design, and technical expertise in procedures related to cataract surgery,  corneal transplantation, laser vision corrections surgery, high myopia, keratoconus, and the management and prevention of surgical complications. His commitment to you is a personal one that ensures delivering the best possible medical and surgical care. Patient care should never be a “one size fits all” approach.

The individualized care you receive will be readily apparent from Dr. Carlson along with his fellow colleagues and a highly experienced staff at Duke. See why over 1,000 physicians and eye surgeons have chosen Dr. Carlson as their surgeon of choice to perform their eye surgery.
Dr. Carlson offers a wide-range of surgical procedures available and conveniently located at the Duke Eye Center and the Duke Center for Vision Correction offices in Durham, NC.

Call 919-684-5769 and ask for Barbara or toll free at 888-800-7397 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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