- duke eye center, eye doctor, and lasik eye surgery raleigh ncAlan N. Carlson, MD, is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading eye surgeon specializing in anterior segment procedures that include: cataracts (Femtosecond LASER and new technology lens surgery), corneal transplantation (PK, DSAEK, DMEK, DALK), anterior segment reconstruction, Intacs corneal ring segments, laser vision correction surgery (LASIK, PRK, PTK), the management and repair of previous surgical complications, and the latest procedures approved for the treatment of presbyopia and keratoconus.

For each each year since 1996, his peers in medical community have voted him to virtually every “best doctors” list including Best Doctors in America, Best Doctors in the Southeast, and Best Doctors in North Carolina. This is also why he is considered a key opinion leader among best practices and has been selected by over 1000 physicians, ophthalmologists, and LASIK surgeons as their surgeon of choice to perform their eye surgery. This is the care that your patients will receive at Duke.

Both you and your patient will have confidence in Dr. Carlson and the care they will receive while at Duke. Numerous patients liken the care they receive to that of a valued family member and this is our desire for every patient.

Dr. Carlson is available by email and also telephone and appreciates the opportunity to review records whenever possible as they pertain to the care of your patient. If co-management is something that will benefit your patient after surgery, please communicate this to Dr. Carlson to better enhance the quality, the communication, and the convenience of their care.

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