I chose LASIK surgery based on advertising offering discount surgery. Huge mistake! Eventually, I was told Dr. Carlson is the only person who could fix my eyes. Several procedures and nearly 2 years later, my result is perfect. I wish I had gone to Dr. Carlson at Duke in the first place. You cannot put a price on your vision or health.

— William M., PresidentRegisters Autoglass, Inc. Raleigh

Dr. Alan Carlson is the most focused, skilled, talented, team-oriented surgeon to whom I have been blessed to be referred.  I was impressed how it was possible for him and his caring staff to function in very tight spaces…and I am thankful that monies are being raised for a new facility soon’   Having experienced a bad eye surgery in August…I can assure everyone needing eye surgery, first hand, that Duke’s Dr. Alan Carlson is a ” treasure” and you can be confident that you, like myself, will be so
very happy with your surgery and Dr. Alan Carlson!

–Ruth S., January 14, 2012

After wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 40 years, my vision has never been as good as it is right now!

— Janet M. – satisfied Staar ICL (implantable lens) patient of Dr. Carlson’s for high myopia.

My vision is so good after cataract surgery that I almost wish I had a 3rd eye for Dr. Carlson to work on.

James W. – satisfied CrystaLens patient

Surgery by Dr. Alan N. Carlson and selecting the ReStor intraocular lens has made me completely independent of glasses and I tell all of my friends that it is the best thing I have ever done.

Janice F. – Satisfied ReStor intraocular lens patient

Floyd P., Goose Creek, S.C. – Wonderful results from cataract surgery on both eyes Nov 2011! I chose Duke because of previous experiences with John’s Hopkins, Medical University of South Carolina, hospitals in England and the Middle East, and countless small hospitals. My experience has taught me that the best, most highly trained and skilled doctors cost less in the long run. I researched and met with numerous eye surgeons over a five year period, and refused surgery until I met Dr. Carlson. He answered the tough questions honestly and in a way I could understand – without the arrogance shown by other doctors. Dr Carlson wasalso the only doctor that emphasized how difficult it was for me to see – and much I would enjoy dramatically improved sight.He was right! I was even given his personal e-mail to ask follow up questions, and when I did he responded within an hour. Dr Carlson also addressed my other medical issues as they relate to my surgery, and was particularly helpful in convincing me that I would not be aware of the the procedure that was taking place during surgery.  He was absolutely correct, as I remembered nothing about the procedure, making it far easier than my neighbor’s cataract surgery where she was wide awake during the entire process. Also, by better understanding me and my desires, Dr Carlson selected a lens that is perfect for me, as it provides me the vision I always wanted (and unlike others, I didn’t feel like the decision was based on the amount of money that he would make on premium lens).
I live in Charleston SC, but was willing to make the 250 mile trip numerous times to get the best doctor to work on the only set of eyes I have.The Duke eye center staff were wonderful, and everything was set up to accomodate the patient and their visitors. The appointments were completed on time, and the exams were thorough compared to other facilities.
I think so highly of Dr Carlson that I have recommended him to my daughter, who experienced a severe eye injury during childhood. Again, I received honest understandable advice on the potential cure for her vision problems. If you are concerned about cataract surgery like I was, and want to talk to someone who has done research on the subject, contact me at floyd8396@hotmail.com and I will be happy to discuss both Duke Eye Center and Dr Carlson with you.