Top Ten Things You Can Do To Keep Your Eyes Healthy from the Foundation Fighting Blindness

1.    Always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors

2.    Always wear eye protection when:

a) playing sports,
b) mowing your lawn,
c) working with tools,
d) using household chemicals, etc.

3.    Always work and read in well-lit rooms

4.    Use antireflective coatings on computer screens and glasses

5.    Eat a balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables rich in lutein and zeaxanthein and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids

6.    Don’t smoke

7.    Exercise regularly and generally maintain a healthy weight

8.    Keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar within healthy limits

9.    Limit your alcohol beverage consumption as these drinks dehydrate your body, including your eyes

10.    See your eye care professional regularly to monitor your general eye health