I am confident that various growth factors and fresh, unprocessed amniotic membrane offers much greater “healing” potential than anything we are using right now including stem cell transplantation.  The attached abstract below is most interesting in this regard.

Title: Use of Umbilical Cord Serum Eyedrops for Recurrent Corneal Erosions

Researchers investigated the efficacy of umbilical cord serum eyedrops for the treatment of patients with recurrent corneal erosions and found that they may be effective in reducing the number of recurrences.

They studied 35 eyes of 35 patients with recurrent corneal erosions and treated 18 eyes with 20% umbilical cord serum eyedrops in addition to artificial tears (group A). A total of 17 eyes received artificial tears only (group B). The researchers compared frequency of recurrence of corneal erosions between the two groups.

The study included 17 male and 18 female patients. Mean age was 46.6 ± 13.4 years and mean follow-up duration was 14.7 ± 2.5 months. The researchers observed no significant differences in age, sex and follow-up duration between the two groups. In group A, they reported that recurrence occurred 2 times in 3 eyes, 1 time in 3 eyes and did not occur in 12 eyes. In group B, recurrence occurred 5 times in 1 eyes, 3 tiimes in 5 eyes, 2 times in 8 eyes, 1 time in 2 eyes and did not occur in 1 eye.

To conclude, the mean frequency of recurrence was 0.50 ± 0.79 (0.04 ± 0.07 per month) in group A and 2.24 ± 1.09 (0.15 ± 0.08 per month) in group B (p<0.01). Moreover, the researchers observed no significant complications associated with serum use.

SOURCE: Yoon KC, Choi W, You IC, Choi J. Application of umbilical cord serum eyedrops for recurrent corneal erosions. Cornea. 2011;30(7):744–748.