Dr. Carlson

Having treated 5 patients this afternoon with the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation device from TearScience for so called “evaporative dry eye” and Meibomian Gland dysfunction, I was asked several times what might I expect based on my recent experience.  I obtained permission from several patients to share the following that begins with a link to a general overview of LipiView and LipiFlow followed by several actual treatments and postoperative assessments.  Nobody thus far has found any discomfort during the treatment.  One patient in the past 3 months said he felt the device got warmer than he expected but not to a point at which he felt uncomfortable.  I have not routinely put patients on steroids afterwards; however, one patient continued steroids for a little over a week after treatment.  Anticipate mild “grittiness” feeling on the surface of the eye after the anesthetic wears off.  Only one patient has requested any kind of “relaxation” medication in anticipation of the treatment.  I am hoping that this is helpful for patients and physicians contemplating this treatment:

Here is a general overview of the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation device from TearScience:



The following link and video demonstrates a patient during treatment giving a detailed description of how she feels during the treatment:



The following Link and Video includes an interview taken during the actual procedure – asking the patient how the LipiFlow procedure feels and compares to her routine use of warm compresses:



The following Link and Video shows a close up of the LipiFlow treatment during the pulsation phase of the treatment:



The following Link and video includes an interview of a challenging patient immediately after LipiFlow Treatment:



The following Link and Video demonstrate my interview the day after LipiFlow Treatment of a patient who compares his treatment to previous multiple Meibomian Gland probings: